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Extract the zipped package that you downloaded from ThemeForest. You’ll find a file named “buildman.zip” in “Theme” folder. There are 2 ways to install it:

1) Extract the “buildman.zip” file and upload the extracted folder to the “../wp-content/themes/” folder on your server.

2) On WordPress Admin Panel, go to “Appearance > Themes” and click the “Add New” button at the top of the page. Then click “Upload Theme” button. Select “buildman.zip” file and click “Install Now” button.

After uploading the theme, you need to activate it. Go to “Appearance > Themes” page and click October’s “Activate” button. Installation completed!

Finally, you have to install the recommended plugin “October”, that allows you to add services, clients, works, team members and testimonials. Remember to activate it (as you can see in the screenshots below). You will find your installed plugins in “Plugins > Installed Plugins”.

Installation completed!

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